CoE information

What is a CoE?

The CoE (confirmation of enrolment) provides various Government Departments (such as the Department of Home Affairs) with important information about an international student's enrolment status. The CoE should accurately reflect the student's actual enrolment in a course, clearly indicating the course duration through the course start and end dates, fees paid and total fees required to be paid for the course. The CoE will also indicate the student's current status, whether this be 'approved', 'visa granted' or 'studying'.

You should lodge your application for a new CoE AT LEAST 10 working days before you need it. Deakin cannot issue a CoE at the last minute.

You must lodge your visa application before the course start date on the CoE, otherwise the online visa application system will not allow you to lodge the application.

You must have a valid CoE at all times while you are studying on a student visa in Australia. If your CoE is cancelled, your visa may be cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs.

If you are under 18 years of age and hold a CAAW issued by Deakin at the time your COE is cancelled, your CAAW will also be cancelled.

The University is required to cancel a CoE in certain circumstances. We must cancel a CoE if:

  • You commence your course but choose to discontinue your studies before course completion
  • You fail to commence your course within the commencement period
  • You are discontinued by the University for non-payment of fees
  • You are discontinued by the University for unsatisfactory academic progress
  • You are discontinued by the University for academic or general misconduct
  • You are granted intermission (a new CoE will be issued for your returning trimester)
  • You fail to re-enrol in your course (or you withdraw from your units) and your enrolment status becomes inactive
  • You complete your course more than 2 months before the course end date on your CoE
  • Your application or acceptance into a course is withdrawn under clause 11 of the Admission process, enrolment, fees and charges procedure
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