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  • Deakin strongly recommends that you lodge your visa application while you are onshore in Australia.
  • Most students who have a visa which has not expired can lodge while onshore in Australia. Select 'Melbourne' to lodge online or if you intend to lodge in person.
  • Students who choose to lodge their visa offshore, or allow their visa to expire so they are ineligible to apply onshore are likely to experience longer visa processing times.

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Student Declaration
Agreement * I understand that I am required to complete my course by the new expected course completion date as agreed and that failure to do so may result in a further CoE extension being refused. I further accept that it is my sole responsibility to review this date with my Faculty should I fail any units of study in the future. I also understand that it is recommended that I do not apply for a new CoE until I have received my results for the current trimester in which I am applying for a new CoE and I understand that failing any units after my CoE has been issued may result in a further visa extension being required.

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