Connect Leader Application

Connect Leaders are senior Deakin students who are carefully selected to provide friendly, practical and competent assistance.  Become a Connect Leader by completing the form below.  

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). 

Personal Details:
T-Shirt size *
Preferred name (full name) to be printed on your Connect Certificate
Home campus: * Your campus of enrolment.
Volunteering Experiences
Have you participated in any other peer mentor program(s) at Deakin University?
If ‘yes’, please indicate which program(s) you have participated in the past. (Tick all that apply)
Application Questions
Please can you tell us about why you are interested in this volunteer role and what skills and experience do you believe you could bring to the role? (300 words maximum)
Good Communications skills are important for Connect Leaders as they interact with new students, assist with queries, and help new students connect to the Deakin Community and other students. Please can you tell us about the communications skills you could bring to the role? (300 words maximum)


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