2020 National Students as Partners Roundtable

24–28 August 2020, Virtual Conference

Welcome to the National Students as Partners (Virtual) Roundtabe 2020 hosted by Deakin University – "Learning through Partnerships"
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Students as Partners creates space for students and staff (academic or professional) to work together on teaching, learning, curriculum, and governance. As a way of thinking, Students as Partners shifts the educational paradigm of learning and teaching as something staff do to students to education as a shared endeavour done with students. Increasingly adopted around the globe, Students as Partners has led to the transformation of practices and an array of positive outcomes for both students and staff.

The annual National Students as Partners Roundtable brings together students, academics, and professional staff from educational institutions to explore innovative and transformative developments in areas of Students as Partners initiatives and practices.

The event provides an opportunity to:

  • Share Students as Partners practices, ideas, and experiences
  • Discover new ways of considering Students as Partners in higher education
  • Network with a diversity of Students as Partners practitioners
  • Harness the creativity of staff and students to address teaching and learning challenges.

2020 Students as Partners Roundtable

Deakin is proud to have hosted the 2020 Roundtable as a virtual event. In developing the virtual event we wanted to provide an opportunity for connection and fostering student and staff partnerships. An opportunity to reflect on learnings through our experience to inform our future SaP work.

Join the Australian Students as Partners Network.

2020 Students as Partners Roundtable - Resources

2020 Students as Partners - Keynote recordings

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