Students Helping Students Awards 2020

Recognising outstanding SHS contributions to Deakin student success

2019 Students Helping Students Awards recipients

Because of the community of diverse mentors across Deakin, from my very start of my journey in Australia I have felt fully embraced and included within a supportive and engaging learning environment - Students Helping Students.

Olive Wang, 2018 Students Helping Students Awards Winner.

Students Helping Students (SHS) is Deakin's Centre of Excellence for all SHS programs across the University, and these programs play a crucial role in helping Deakin students to become more successful and engaged in academic, social and practical ways. Even more importantly, it helps both students and staff develop an increased understanding of what learning is all about. After all, learning happens everywhere.

Please check back later for more information on the application criteria and process.

Application Dates

Applications open: 15th June, 2020

Applications close: COB, 12th August 2020

Who Can Apply?

Any Deakin student who has held a role within an SHS program at Deakin within the last 12 months.  Past applicants, regardless of the outcome of their applications, are also eligible to apply.

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