Warrnambool Study Hall

Warrnambool Study Hall has closed. Please check the timetable to find your CloudPASS sessions.

Warrnambool Study Hall gives all Warrnambool students access to faculty-based mentors from their faculty, course or unit, and the type of support ranges from targeted, individual, one-on-one assistance to group work with other students.

The relaxed, informal environment of SHS Study Hall creates a space where students can feel comfortable studying with others, talking about what they don’t know and sharing what they do — or working individually with a peer mentor if that is what they need.

There are lots of benefits for students:

  • it’s a great place to study alone, one-to-one or in groups
  • you can have access to help from trained faculty student mentors
  • four 3-hour study sessions per week, plus a one hour session at Residential
  • flexibility—you can come and go as you please when Study Hall is open
  • ease of access—no registration, attendance or other formalities required— just show up during open time
  • breakout spaces are available to take time out, grab a coffee or just take a few deep breaths!

Everyone is welcome!  Check out the current timetable to find a time convenient for you.

For other study support, why not check out Pass and Maths Mentors.

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