Maths for Commerce Portal

This Maths for Commerce portal has links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff. You’ll find sites with notes, examples, videos, practice questions and applications relevant to your course material. Want more? Maths Mentors are available to help. For information go to the Maths Mentors website.


BBC Bitesize - Numbers

A free collection of maths guides on topics such as decimals, fractions and percentages.

Khan Academy

Functions and Graphing

RMIT Learning Lab - Functions and Graphs

Guided notes with a set of practice questions and solutions.

Principles of Microeconomics

Students are advised to read through Appendix 1: Graphs, a brief review (p. 39 - 49).

AMSI - Coordinate Geometry


RMIT Learning Lab

RMIT's Learning Lab contains a series of guided notes with examples and practice questions.

Khan Academy

BBC Bitesize

Exponents and Logarithms

Maths is Fun

Maths is Fun has a range of simplified tutorials and descriptions. There are also a variety of free maths quizzes available for use. 

ChiliMath - Rules for Logarithms

ChiliMath - Rules for Exponents

Math Tutor


Math for Economics - Formula Brochure

A free summary sheet, provided by MathCentre, with short maths summaries on topics from linear algebra to calculus.

Penn State University - Time Value of Money guide

Need help with Maths? Ask a Maths Mentor!

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