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This Maths for Education portal has links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff. You’ll find sites with notes, examples, videos and practice questions. Want more? Maths Mentors are available to help. For information go to the Maths Mentors website.



James Cook University - Numbers

Notes and examples on arithmetic, order of operations and rounding

James Cook University - Fractions

Maths is Fun - Equivalent fractions


Math is fun - real number properties

Examples and exercises on how to apply the properties of real number for calculation.

MathsTeacher - Surds

Notes and examples on how to to simplify surds.

MathsBridge - Algebra

TheMathPage - Simultaneous Linear Equations


Victoria University - Unit Conversion

Common units used in everyday living and examples for unit conversion.

BBC Skillswise - Maps and plans 

Worksheets and factsheets on maps.


James Cook University - Geometry 

Notes and examples on 2D and 3D shapes.

Math is Fun - Geometry

Properties of shapes including lines, planes and solids. 

Maths Teacher - Reasoning in Geometry


James Cook University - Mean, Median, Mode

Notes and examples on the measures of central tendency using mean, median and mode.

Math Centre - Graphs types

Short notes on different types of graphs.

Swinburne University - StatsCasts


James Cook University - Normal probability distribution

Notes and examples on probability and normal probability distribution.

Revision Maths - Probability

Brief notes, examples and short videos on probability.

Khan Academy - Probability

Resources for learning

Math Portal - Math Lessons

Formulas and test questions on algebra, calculus and geometry.

Maths is Fun

Interactive website on fundamental maths and statistics topics. Contains maths dictionaries, games, puzzles and worksheets.

University of Newcastle - Maths Tune Up

Cool Math

Resources for teaching

MoreThanNumbers - PS Maths teaching resources

Interactive games for all maths topics from Prep to Year 6.

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