Maths for Health Portal

This Maths for Health portal has links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff. You’ll find sites with notes, examples, videos and practice questions. Want more? Maths Mentors are available to help. For information go to the Maths Mentors website.


Maths is Fun - Algebra

Substitution, equations, formulas and definitions.

MCA Online - Algebra Transposition 

Examples and practice questions for rearranging equations.

The MathPage - Removing Brackets

Measurement and conversion

Maths is Fun - Unit Conversion

Examples and questions covering unit conversion.

Purple Math - Unit Conversion

A summary on converting metric measurements.

MathCoach - Converting Square and Cubic Units


RMIT University - Nursing Calculations

General tipsheets for revising nursing skills. 

Introduction to Epidemiology and Statistics

An introduction to some common statistics that are encountered in health sciences. 

Test and Calc

Flinders University - Calculating Doses 

QuarkNet - Making Histograms

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