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This Maths for Science portal has links to key areas of maths that will help you cover the basics and tackle the trickier stuff. You’ll find sites with notes, examples, videos and practice questions. Want more? Maths Mentors are available to help. For information go to the Maths Mentors website.

Maths for Physics

YouTube - Projectile Motion

Series of eight videos on Projectile Motion.

YouTube - Physics

Complete chapter of videos covering Velocity, Acceleration, Graphing and Conversions.

Khan Academy - Springs

Series of videos and practice questions.

Khan Academy - Voltmeters and Ammeters

Maths is Fun - Physics Index

Physics Classroom

Maths for Chemistry

BBC Bitesize - Formula mass and Mole calculations

Information, formulas, examples and practice questions.

Brightstorm - Specific Heat

Clear video including practice problems and phase change diagram.

Khan Academy - Oxidation number and Net ionic equations

Introduction to topics through text and videos.

University of North Carolina - Chemistry

Chemistry LibreTexts - Balancing chemical equations

WikiHow - Balancing chemical equations

Numeracy and Algebra

University of Wollongong - General numeracy

Series of tip sheets including order of operations, positive and negative numbers, fractions, percentages, decimals.

edX - Introduction to Algebra

Online MOOC - treat it like a maths boot camp for your brain! Covers the basics step-by-step. Like terms, solving equations, inequalities.

TuitionKit - Rearranging equations - Transposition

Series of five simple videos on rearranging equations.

Khan Academy - Algebra I

Khan Academy - Algebra II

Maths is Fun - Simultaneous linear equations

Logarithms and Exponents

Live Science - What are logarithms?

Clear explanation of logs and log scales in science.

IsaacsTEACH - Calculating pH

Video that introduces the pH scale and the relationship between pH, [H+], [OH-] and pOH.
Part 2

Maths is Fun - Introduction to Logarithms

Missouri University - Logarithms and Inverse Logarithms

Maths is Fun - Exponential Growth and Decay

Scientific Measurement

Get Chemistry - Scientific notation

Text, videos, practice questions and useful links.

Victoria University - Units and Conversions

Fact sheet with units, practice questions and worked solutions.

Lumen Boundless Chemistry - SI Units

BBC - Bitesize - Rounding, estimating and significant figures

Statistics and Probability

Southern Cross University - Introduction to Statistics

Covering data, graphs, measures of central tendency with text, practice questions, solutions and videos.

Khan Academy - Probability

A program of videos, fact sheets and quizzes to master probability.

Purplemath - Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Statistics How to - T Test

Maths is Fun - Chi-Square Test

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