Arts & Education Maths Resources

Select your Arts & Education unit below to view links to maths resources relating to that unit. If your unit is not listed, check the General Arts & Education Maths Support section for maths resources on a variety of topics.

General Arts & Education Maths Resources

Resource SiteLinkResource Type
Maths is Fun Maths is FunSimple to complex maths explanations and activities.
MathscastsMathscastsAccess to a series of videos on foundation maths activities.
Revision MathsRevision MathsFree maths revision resources to help you with revision of high school maths. This covers a range of topics including: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measure, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.
James Cook University maths supportJames Cook University - Maths SupportEasy-to-understand explanatory notes, worked examples and exercises for each topic.
RMIT maths supportRMIT - maths supportLinks to explanations and resources on a variety of maths.


TopicLink Resource Type
Conversion Khan Academy - Metric Units of Length Review Explanation, worked examples & Practice questions.

RMIT - Conversion between units Explanation, worked examples & Practice questions.
Division Maths is Fun - Division Explanation, with links to worked examples & long division.
Measurement Maths is Fun - Measure Links to explanations

Victoria University - Units & Conversions Written summary table of units and conversions.
Multiplication Maths is Fun - Multiplication Explanation/Tips & Tricks.


TopicLink Resource Type
Algebra Maths is Fun - Algebra Written explanation and examples.

Maths Tune Up - Introduction to Algebra Video introduction explanations.

Southern Cross University - Introduction to Algebra & Equations Written explanation and some video examples.
Equivalent fractions Maths is Fun - Equivalent Fractions Written explanation and examples.
Fractions James Cook University - Working with Fractions Booklet with explanation and written examples to try.
Geometry James Cook University - Geometry Written explanation and examples.
Numeracy James Cook University - Working With Numbers Booklet with explanation and written examples to try.
Probability Revision Maths - Probability Video and written explanation.
Statistics James Cook University - Basic Statistics Written explanation and examples.
*** General Practice for LANTITE *** ACER - LANTITE Practice Test Online resource with sample questions.

Open Learning - LANTITE Numeracy Training resource for LANTITE.

LANTITE preparation resources LANTITE preparation resources for current Deakin Education students.
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