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Select your Health unit below to view links to maths resources relating to that unit. If your unit is not listed, check the General Health Maths Support section for maths resources on a variety of topics.

General Health Maths Support

Resource SiteLinkResource Type
Maths is Fun Maths is FunSimple to complex maths explanations and activities.
MathscastsMathscastsAccess to a series of videos on foundation maths activities.
Revision MathsRevision MathsFree maths revision resources to help you with revision of high school maths. This covers a range of topics including: Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change, Geometry and Measure, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability.
James Cook University maths supportJames Cook University - Maths SupportEasy-to-understand explanatory notes, worked examples and exercises for each topic.
RMIT maths supportRMIT - maths supportLinks to explanations and resources on a variety of maths


TopicLinkResource Type
Converting UnitsKhan Academy - Fraction ArithmeticThis link contain videos details how to work with calculations involving fractions.

Purple Math - Metric ConversionVideo and written explanation of terms

YouTube - Math Coach - Converting Square and Cubic UnitsVideo explanation
Drug CalculationsFlinders University - Drug Calculation QuizA useful drug dosage calculation quiz for nursing students

Flinders University - BVVasic Drug CalculationsExplanations on dosage and calculating it with worked examples

RMIT - Nursing CalculationsExplanations on dosage and calculating it with worked examples
Drug Dosage CalculationsKhan Academy - Unit conversion word problem: Drug DosageA great video taking you through a worked example of a drug dosage calculation
FractionsKhan Academy - Converting UnitsA good resource relating to converting units of measurement


TopicLinkResource Type
Chi-squareYouTube - Khan Academy - Pearson's Chi Square Test

Video about understanding Pearson's Chi-Square

Cohen's dYouTube - How2Stats - Cohen's dVideo explanation of Cohen's method
CorrelationYouTube - ASK Brunel - Covariance and Correlation Coefficients

Video about interpreting the correlation coefficient

RegressionStatistics How To - Regression Equation

Text and examples on regression analysis

T-testStatistics How To - T-TestExplanation and examples of T-test


TopicLink Resource Type
Chi-square YouTube - Khan Academy - Pearson's Chi-square test

Video with a good introduction to Chi-Square

Regression, multiple regressions, correlations YouTube - ASK Brunel - Correlation coefficients

Video about the application of correlation

Simple ANOVA, two-way ANOVA, repeated measures ANOVA Khan Academy - ANOVA linear regression

Text and examples on the applications of Anova

T-test Statistics How To - T-Test

Text and examples on the introduction and theory of T-test

z-scores Cliff Notes - Sample z-test

Text and examples on applying the z-test


TopicLinkResource Type
AlgebraVictorian University - Transposing AlgebraWritten explanation and practice questions for rearranging equations.
Biomechanics -TrigonometryRevision Maths - Sine and Cosine RuleText and worked examples on applying sine and cosine rules.
Displacement, Velocity, AccelerationKhan Academy - AccelerationArticle with an explanation of motion concepts
Linear/Angular kinematicsYouTube - Relating Angular & Linear QuantitiesVideo on circular motion
Magnitude and direction of vectorsThe Physics Classroom - Scalars & VectorsInstructions and practice questions
Maximum height, accelerationKhan Academy - Projectile MotionVideo on projectile motion
Projectile motionKhan Academy - Projectile Motion Video on Trigonometry - sine, coseine, tangent
Pythagorean TheoremKhan Academy - Pythagorean TheoremVideo on Pythagoras's Theorem and applications
Transposing equationsRMIT -  AlgebraAlgebra covering rearranging formulas, simplification, operations, quadratics, substitution
Trig ratiosMaths is Fun - TrigonometryText and examples on trigonometry and algebra
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