Deakin Buddies

Deakin Buddies is a web tool where you can connect with other Deakin students.

How do you connect with other students? Sharing your learning experience with your peers is a great way to motivate yourself and gain a greater chance of success with your studies.

In order to join Deakin Buddies you will be asked to read and agree
the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy statement

Through Deakin Buddies you can search for other students based on what units they’re enrolled in or what course they’re undertaking. You’ll also be able to see how close they are to your local area.

When you find a student you want to connect with you can send them a request to become your Deakin buddy. You’ll also be notified via email whenever anyone sends you a Deakin buddy request.

Accessing Deakin Buddies is easy. Once you’ve signed up you can access the web tool through this page, or you can bookmark your profile in your preferred internet browser.

Be proactive and sign up today.

Need Help?

If you need any support with Deakin Buddies you can visit our Deakin Buddies help page. Learn more about using the tool, find hints and tips on connecting with other students and find out how to report inappropriate behaviour.