Deakin Buddies icebreakers

A great way to get to know your new buddies is through a quick icebreaker or ‘energiser’ game. You could bring a quick five-minute icebreaker to a session, or you could go online and find one together. We’ve put together a list of common icebreakers for you to explore. Give them a try and see if they work for you.

Hate VS. love

Each buddy in the session has to list one thing they love and one thing they hate.

Two truths, one lie

Each buddy needs to say three statements about themselves, two that are true and one that is false. Everyone else has to guess which statement is the lie.

End the sentence

Write a sentence down and have your buddies finish off the last word. You could write something like ‘My favourite food is…’ then have each of your buddies in the session finish the sentence. Then come up with another sentence.

Perfect sunday

Each buddy introduces themselves and describes what they think is the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you were a dog

Each buddy picks a breed of dog that best represents who they are and then explains why.