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YMCA Geelong

Deakin Sport and Recreation are here to help you maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle whilst staying at Deakin University

The Res Package is designed to help you get started, maintaining a healthy work, study and life balance. Through participation in sport and recreation you will be able to meet new people make new friends but also ensure you give your best chance of success by staying fit and healthy. We recognise the pressures and are here to help.

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Deakin University really cares for the well-being of all our students whether you live on campus or close by, and food options are available at all campuses.

For more information visit the Food@Deakin website.


Storage King Geelong offer all Deakin students 15% discount on storage units and 10% discount on any moving boxes. They are closely located on Grove Road in Grovedale. If they can assist you with any storage please contact their office on 52 41 2299.

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