FAQs for residents

Living on Campus at a University is a once in a life time experience and one to remember as part of your University experience at Deakin.

The following FAQ's will help you make the most of your time living on campus at Warrnambool..

Can I break my licence agreement/move off Res early?

If you're thinking of moving out prior to the end of your lease, we recommend you be sure of this action, as it is not in your interest to break your license agreement early. Should you wish to vacate your room prior to the expiration of your license agreement, you must advise the General Manager in writing. You will be fully liable to pay the associated fees until the end of your license agreement unless DRS is able to find a suitable replacement to move into your room at an earlier date.
Please check your License Agreement for details.

I don't like my housemates. What can I do?

Getting along with everyone can sometimes be difficult in shared living environments. We advise that you first discuss your issues or concerns with your housemates and see if you can work things out amongst yourselves. If you still have problems, or need further assistance in resolving the situation, then you can talk to your Residential Leader or Campus life team in order to find a solution.

What support is provided on Res?

Each campus has its own Residential Support Team. The Warrnambool team consists of: Residential Leaders in each hallway, security and reception manning the desk during business hours and evenings, Campus life team and General Manager.
Warrnambool also provides weekly study support to res students, with the provision of academic mentors.
Staff are available to provide personal support, academic support and referrals to appropriate services as required. Residential staff along with student leaders also coordinate social, health, sport and cultural programs available to residents at each campus.

What if I have a disability?

Warrnambool has many disability access options for long term students. Our larger studio apartments are wheelchair accessible rooms, with modified kitchens and bathrooms. These are available in our studio apartment building - Hopkins View.

Are there any social activities?

A wide variety of social activities are available at each campus. In Warrnambool, our Campus Life team and Residential Leaders work together to provide a wide range of activities to suit all! These include participating in local sports competitions, our annual Musical, formal dinners, movie nights, cultural events and much more!

Is there a guest policy?

Guests are permitted, however you may only apply to have one guest at a time. All overnight guests must be registered by curfew (11:00pm) on the day of their stay. Students can register their guests via the App. Failure to register a guest with the office will result in you being charged a fee. There are also limits on how many guests you may have in any given period of time, please refer to the Residences Handbook and Guest Policy for details.

What about security?

All campuses have Security staff on duty 24 hours per day. Contact 5563 3222.
Security staff are able to accompany students to/from residences and other areas of the University after dark. Thorough patrols of the residences are performed after hours to ensure that only residents are on the premises.

Security Personnel are provided with a daily report from the Residences Office on all guests registered for that evening. Any visitor unable to produce a valid guest pass is immediately escorted from the premises.

What are the cleaning arrangements?

Cleaning staff service the communal areas of shared units regularly. In Warrnambool, students are responsible for cleaning their own studio rooms. Necessary cleaning equipment for this can be obtained from each hallway Residential Leader. In communal areas, Residents are also expected to wash and put away their own dishes after use.

If you are concerned about the operation of cleaning services, please let the team at Reception know.

What is the insurance coverage provided?

It is strongly recommended that each resident has their own contents insurance.

What transport is available?

Public Transport

A daily bus service is available at Warrnambool. For public transport timetables, bike riding, carpooling info and more refer to the Warrnambool Campus page.


Car parking is available for residents. Parking is free of charge on the Warrnambool Campus.


Bikes are a great way to get around campus and around town. Bikes are not permitted inside common areas or bedrooms but ample secure storage areas are available.

Is the water from the tap safe to drink?

Tap water is safe to drink in almost all parts of Victoria, including Warrnambool.

What time can I check in?

Warrnambool Students are allocated a 2 week check in period at the beginning of the 40 week lease. Students can check in Monday - Friday, between 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Can I arrive late to check in to my room?

If you need to arrive later than expected then you may be able to check in to your room late. You will, however, still be required to pay for the whole term of your stay as written in your agreement.

Does Residential Services have a separate orientation week?

Residences Orientation Week runs the week before DUSA's (Deakin University Student Association) O'Week. It's a great opportunity to learn about living on-campus and meet the people you'll be living with. You'll receive more information when you check in.

Do we get to pick our own rooms?

Whether you'll get to choose which room you stay in while living on residence will depend on your type of accommodation. If you're living in a unit then room allocation is done automatically to have a balanced mix of international, domestic, genders and faculties in order to encourage a multicultural community.

If you have a legitimate need to be located somewhere specific then you'll need to contact the Residence office with your request.

Who can I speak to about my accommodation application?

If you have any questions or problems with your accommodation application then you can contact the team at Residences Reception and they will be able to help you out.

How many people share a unit or apartment on residence?

The number of people you'll be living with on residence will depend on the type of accommodation you've chosen and your campus. Contact Residential Reception directly to discuss your accommodation allocation.

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