Cycling facilities at Burwood

Find all the details you need to locate and use the various facilities we have to assist you with riding your bike to the Melbourne Burwood Campus.

Showers and change rooms

Buildings HB, level 1 at the central precinct and outside under the overpass between buildings B and J.

Bike hub

East side of building HB, the facility can house 65 bikes.

Bike racks

  • building HB (south), has 22 bike parks
  • outside under the overpass between buildings J and B, has 28 bike parks
  • building X, behind the concrete wall parallel to mutant way, has 10 bike parks
  • building I (north), has 10 bike parks
  • building LA (west), has 10 bike parks
  • building LB (south), has 10 bike parks


Building HB, level 1 in the change rooms and are for the storage of items such as bags, clothing, towels, books etc.

End of trip lockers are also located in Car Park 12.

To access the lockers:

  1. Activate your Deakin Card: Access to the lockers is via your Deakin Card. To activate your card, you’ll need to visit Student Central (buildings LB, HE, M and Y). The team there will be able to help out - just ask for access to the Car Park 12 locker facilities.
  2. Open an empty locker. Find a locker without lights on and open it up. Place your belongings inside and close the door.
  3. Lock the door. Push the button found in the centre of the locking mechanism and then hold your DeakinCard against it until the locker is locked. A light will appear.
  4. Reopen the door. To unlock the locker, press the button in the centre of the locking mechanism and then hold your DeakinCard against it. The door will unlock and you can remove your items.

Instructions and terms of use (PDF, 123.4KB)
Questions or issues? Contact Student Central Melbourne on 9244 6333

Walking and bike trails

  • Blackburn Creeklands Reserve. Starts off Main St, Blackburn and joins Middleborough Rd which links with the Gardiner's Creek Trail.
  • Gardiner's Creek Trail. Starts at the Main Yarra Trail in Toorak, near St Kevin's College and follows Gardiner's Creek through Glen Iris, Malvern, Burwood (Deakin University), Ashwood, Box Hill and ends near the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.
  • Anniversary Outer Circle Trail. Starts at Kew and follows the Alamein line. Follow this track to the Gardiner's Creek Trail.
  • Scotchman's Creek Trail. Starts at Jells Park, Wheelers Hill and finishes at East Malvern Railway Station. The trail links with Gardiner's Creek.
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