Cycling facilities at Warrnambool

Find all the details you need to locate and use the various facilities we have to assist you with riding your bike to the Warrnambool Campus.

Showers and change rooms

  • Building B, near the lift and Security Office
  • Behind the gym (building H). There are two showers and one toilet in each of the male and female change rooms as well as access to a disabled shower and toilet.

Bike racks

  • building B, East and North
  • building H, East


There are currently no lockers available at the Warrnambool Campus.

Walking and bike trails

There are currently no formal off-road bike trails to the Warrnambool Campus. The main route to campus is via the main highway, however, we do recommend that you exercise precaution and read the information available on the Cycling Promotion Fund's website via the Quick Links. You can also download the Bike'able Warrnambool Map via the Quick Links which highlights some of the trails in the area.

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