When are parking permits required?

Parking permits are required in general parking permit zones (white parking bays) between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of:

  • Easter break (Good Friday to Easter Tuesday inclusive)
  • University closed days (i.e. Federal public holidays)

You can choose to purchase a long term permit through vPermit, or pay as you go with CellOPark. It’s free to park in white bays at the Warrnambool campus. All other permit zones are regulated all year round.

Car parking on campuses is limited and in high demand, with the first six weeks of trimester usually the busiest. A valid permit allows you to park on campus in an available bay specific to your permit type. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee bay availability.

Please make sure you only park in marked bays to avoid infringements.

‘Park and Go’ at Waurn Ponds Campus

Free 'Park and Go' bays are available in the south-west corner of Car Park 3, Waurn Ponds. These bays are available to students and staff who can park for free and finish the last leg of their journey by riding, walking, or catching the intercampus bus. Please look for the blue bays and signs before you park to ensure you are in the Park and Go designated area.

Short-term parking permits – casual (hourly/daily)

CellOPark is our 'Pay As You Go’ mobile App provider.  You can establish a CellOPark account with a valid debit or credit card, use your smartphone, computer or call 9111 1799 to start and end a parking permit session. You don't need to decide how long you’ll require parking prior to purchasing a parking permit session - or pay for time not needed. You’ll only be charged for the parking time you actually use.


Simply install the free CellOPark Australia App and complete the short sign-up form.  You can enter up to three vehicles on your account but only one vehicle can park at any time.  Please take extra care to ensure you enter your vehicle registration(s) correctly (the most common mistake to avoid is entering the letter ‘I’ instead of the number ‘1’ or the letter ‘O’ instead of the number ‘0’ or vice versa).

Start a permit session

Select your location, the relevant campus zone number and ‘START’.  Remember to ‘STOP’ when you leave and pay only for the time you park.

CellOPark zone numbers

Campus CellOPark Zone NumberNotes
Burwood Main Campus 1040300 Parking available to Deakin students, and visitors.
Burwood Greenwood Park 1040500 Parking only available to Deakin students. You are required to have a valid Deakin ID linked with your CellOPark account. You will be asked for this when starting a session in this zone if you don't currently have a linked Deakin ID in CellOPark.
Geelong Waurn Ponds 1040100 Parking available to Deakin students, and visitors.
Geelong Waterfront 1040200 Parking only available to Deakin students. You are required to have a valid Deakin ID linked with your CellOPark account. You will be asked for this when starting a session in this zone if you don't currently have a linked Deakin ID in CellOPark.
Warrnambool Not Required A parking permit is not required in General (White) bays when parking at Warrnambool.

Important information: when you bring a different vehicle to campus, you need to select and activate the vehicle on your CellOPark account to avoid incurring a parking infringement. For more information or to get started, please visit CellOPark

Long-term parking permits - vPermit

Long-term parking permits are available to all current students. Long term student permits are not valid at the Waterfront campus.

Permits are purchased online through vPermit with a valid credit card.

Long term student permits are available for 120 days or 365 days (at Burwood and Waurn Ponds only for students), valid from the date of purchase for credit card purchases. Salary sacrificed payments are ongoing until cancelled. The vPermit system is based on vehicle registrations.  You will be able to enter up to three vehicles on your permit but only one vehicle can be active at any time.

Permits are not required in General (white) bays at the Warrnambool Campus.

For your convenience the vPermit app is available to install on your smartphone. Once set up, simply open the app and select the vehicle you want to make active on your vPermit.  Should you need to add or remove vehicles you can do this via the app, or log into vPermit

Important information:  whilst you can list up to three vehicles on your vPermit, you must select the vehicle that you wish to make active on your permit.  When you bring a different vehicle to campus, you must make that vehicle active on your vPermit to avoid incurring a parking infringement.

Where is my permit valid?

Permit TypeGeneral (White) Permit ZoneOrange Permit Zone
Student vPermitYesNo
CellOPark PermitYesNo
Permit Machine PermitYesNo
Visitor Permit - GeneralYesNo
Visitor Permit - OrangeYesYes

Permit machines

Cashless, card only, pay by plate (vehicle registration) machines have been installed on the Burwood and Waurn Ponds campuses.  These user friendly machines accept Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards - no more scratching around for loose change.

Should you find a Permit machine not working please contact our Parking team on (03) 52271011

Should you have any further parking related queries, please email and one of our team will respond to you shortly.

Accessible parking

Category 1 and 2 Parking

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, and visitors with a Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permit (issued from your local council). Category 1 permits must be displayed at all times, and a Deakin parking permit is not required. Category 2 permit holders are not permitted to park in accessible parking bays however vehicles displaying a Category 2 permit are permitted to park in a General parking bay for double the duration of their paid parking.

Victoria Disabled Persons Parking Permit - Category 1

Victoria Disabled Persons Parking Permit - Category 2

Temporary Disabled Authority

Persons with a temporary medical condition may apply for a Temporary Disabled Authority supported by a medical certificate or letter from a Doctor or Specialist. A Temporary Disabled Authority must be clearly visible at the bottom left hand side of the windscreen and a valid Deakin University parking permit is also required.

Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles

Parking permits are not required for motorcycles, scooters or bicycles. Motorcycles and scooters must park in designated motorcycle bays or on footpaths, provided they are not parked in such a manner as to cause an obstruction to pedestrians. Bicycles are to park in bike hubs/cages or in designated bicycle racks.

Motorcycle parking is not permitted:

  • where signs indicate that motorcycles may not park
  • opposite any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities (marked with a wheelchair sign and symbol)
  • on narrow footpaths
  • on or near service access points, such as manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins
  • near taxi ranks and bus and tram stops
  • where your vehicle could damage the footpath, pedestrian facilities or landscaping
  • within 1 metre of fire hydrant


Faculties and Divisions may issue daily visitor permits to official University visitors and guests, via vPermit. Visitor permits are not to be issued to contractors or staff.

To apply for access to issue visitor permits, email, providing the account code to be charged for the visitor permits issued each month.

With the exception of Geelong Waterfront Campus, visitors can purchase hourly or daily general parking permits using or from parking permit machines located in car parks and/or entry roads. On street and private off street parking is available close to the Geelong Waterfront Campus, see the following link for more information on parking in Central Geelong.

University events

Permission must be obtained to use Deakin roads or car parks for all events. Please email for further advice and requests.

Have you received a parking infringement notice?

Parking Infringement Notices may be issued for any illegally parked vehicles.

A parking permit is not valid unless it is clearly displayed, except for permits purchased using the CellOPark and vPermit app, where Parking Officers will access your permit electronically.

Infringements may be issued for:

  • Parking permits not electronically purchased (vPermit or CellOPark)
  • Expired parking permits
  • Vehicles that do not have a valid permit for the Zone in which the vehicle is parked
  • Vehicles parked in areas other than a marked parking bay

Instructions for paying infringements are noted on the reverse side on the Parking Infringement Notice.

The person issued with the parking infringement notice, or person acting on his or her behalf, may apply to have the decision to serve the parking infringement notice internally reviewed by the enforcement agency under the Act.

Deakin University considers all requests for review, which are facilitated by Bartels, Taylor and Associates.

To lodge an appeal for internal review, visit Bartel, Taylor and Associates and include Deakin University as the Agency Name.

Written requests are also accepted and must include full particulars of the infringement, your name and address and are to be sent to:

Deakin University Contesting
PO Box 577
Melton VIC 3337

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