Parking fees and charges

Student Permit Options

Upfront payment - Valid from date of purchase. (no refunds)

Please note: Not valid at Waterfront Campus

Permit fee including GST
General 120 day permit. Please note: Not valid at Waterfront Campus$ 162.50
General 365 day permit. Please note: Not valid at Waterfront Campus$ 365.00

Contractor/Tenant Permit Options

Contractor/Tenant Permit Options - valid from date of purchase (no refunds)Permit fee including GST
General 120 day permit$220
General 365 day permit$484
Orange 120 day permit$484
Orange 365 day permit$968

Casual Daily Parking Fee

Casual Daily Parking FeePermit fee including GST
General parking permit zones$1.60 per hour, maximum $6.40 per day

The purchase of a Deakin parking permit is restricted to University students and authorised visitors, contractors and tenants only.
Purchasing a permit for use by an unauthorised non-Deakin motorist is contrary to the University’s Code of Conduct. A permit can only be purchased in the name of the person entitled to use it.

For further information on parking at Deakin please refer to our Parking at Deakin web page.

Please note the following important information:

  • Permits cannot be purchased on behalf of another individual.
  • University funds are not to be used to purchase visitor permits for private vehicles belonging to University staff.
  • Deakin University does not refund parking permits.
  • Purchasing a permit to park a vehicle at any Deakin University Campus car park does not guarantee that a parking bay will be available.
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