Cultural heritage and museum studies


Study the identification, collection, interpretation, management and politics of the past. You’ll examine objects and collections in museums, cultural landscapes and routes, and global cultural heritage.

Get work-ready

After 40 years, cultural heritage and museum studies at Deakin is the largest and the longest running program of its kind in Australia. Internships and international field work, as well as visits to museums, galleries and heritage sites, will give you valuable professional experience and a headstart to an exciting career.


Postgraduate (further study)

A postgraduate qualification can be undertaken by students who have already completed an undergraduate degree or possess significant, demonstrable work experience. Postgraduate courses include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas, master’s and PhDs, as well as specialist programs for industry professionals.


Higher Degrees by Research (supervised research)

Research degrees are research based master’s or PhD programs that focus on a single area of expertise. They provide students the opportunity to carry out highly specialised research under expert supervision.

Career opportunities

Our graduates work in the following roles and fields:

  • collections manager
  • curator
  • government agencies, private corporations and community organisations
  • heritage officer
  • manager of a historic house
  • museum director
  • practitioners in museums and heritage institutions
  • private practice
  • public programs officer
  • registrar researcher.

Our graduates go on to do amazing things – curators, collections managers, museum directors, cultural heritage management planning. It's incredibly varied.

Steven Cooke

Senior lecturer and course director for the cultural heritage and museum studies programs

Learn from the best

Deakin Professor Andrea Witcomb is an internationally renowned leader in understanding the role of objects and exhibitions in contributing to positive change within society.

Kristal Buckley AM is former international Vice-President of Australia ICOMOS, with significant industry experience and a global reputation.

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Industry relevant courses

Deakin’s cultural heritage advisory board is made up of key people in the sector from Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria, National Trust, Heritage Victoria as well as independent consultants and current and former students.

Earn two masters degrees at once

Deakin and the Brandenburg University of Technology in Germany have partnered to offer an exciting dual degree. Enrol in the Master of Cultural Heritage for an opportunity to study overseas while gaining two qualifications simultaneously.

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The cultural heritage program at Deakin

Ever wondered what Deakin's cultural heritage program entails?

Celebrating 40 years

After 40 years of history, cultural heritage and museum studies at Deakin is the largest and the longest running course of its kind in Australia. Our graduates have gone on to make a difference across the broad cultural heritage sector in museums, galleries, heritage sites, government agencies and community organisations.

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Research with us

Whether you want to work with objects and collections, manage a museum or heritage place, or protect and interpret significant sites, landscapes or intangible cultural heritage, a postgraduate qualification in cultural heritage and museum studies provides a pathway into employment in the diverse and exciting heritage sector.

Recent Deakin PhD research projects

Karen Schamberger: Identity, belonging and cultural diversity in Australian museums

Karen's research aims to understand the ways in which objects have mediated relations between people of different cultural backgrounds in Australian society through their entanglement in museum collecting and display practices.

Laura Kraak: Human rights-based approaches to world heritage conservation in Bagan, Myanmar

There is an increasing concern with the ethics of cultural heritage practice at a time when globally human rights language is growing in its popularity. Laura's thesis research is about the intersections of current international debates about heritage conservation and human rights.

Tanya Zoe Robinson, Museums as Fashion Media: Assembling Fashion in Australasian Museums

Tanya’s research analysed the ways in which exhibitions of fashion in Australia and New Zealand museums and galleries mediate the concerns of the fashion industry itself, becoming an extension of it.

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Deakin alumni – get a head start with your postgraduate fees

If you're a Deakin alumni commencing a postgraduate course, you may be eligible to receive a 10% reduction per unit on your enrolment fees through our Deakin alumni postgraduate bursary. Your spouse and members of your immediate family may also be eligible to apply.

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