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CloudDeakin Enhancements

A refreshed CloudDeakin unit template, which focuses on streamlining our learning environment so that students and staff are presented with a space that uses familiar terms in teaching practice, such as Assignments (instead of Dropbox); Resources (instead of Content); and Collaborate (Discussions and other tools). In addition to this we have located Portfolio directly on the navigational bar for easier access to a learning space (and teaching practice). These features will become increasingly important in our immediate future as we design learning for the digital frontier.

CloudDeakin Enhancments
New terminology using familiar terms to streamline our learning environment.

New CloudDeakin Features

Students Staff Staff and Students
  • Unit chairs can now notify students of changed resources when they update or change a file under Resources. They can also include a custom message and choose to reset completion tracking.
  • Document templates are now available within Resources for all staff. This helps maintain graphic design, usability, and accessibility standards across sites.
  • Improvements were made to support external links and file types that cannot load in-place as users navigate between topics. External links automatically open in a new tab or window.
  • Two new rating schemes for discussions are available. The first allows the class to vote posts up and down, giving each post a cumulative score. The second allows the class to only vote posts up as a way to show agreement.
  • In this new release of Discussions, statistics will now call out the number of threads created and replies posted separately to help teaching staff running activities see what’s happening at a high level.
  • A new Discussions List is being introduced which further enforces the notion of ‘focus on the conversation, not the overhead’.
  • Now students submitting to an Assignment folder from Resources can access evaluation rubrics before submission, and also access completed rubrics after their evaluations are published.
  • Both Quizzes and Surveys have undergone usability improvements in their tab structure and the resources within tabs to make creation and management more intuitive, allowing unit chairs to complete these tasks faster.
  • For sites with a very large number of forums and topics, there is now a Hide All Topics option, which allows you to hide all the topics in your unit so you only need show those topics you care about.
  • It is now possible to evaluate a student from Assignments even if no submission was made to the Assignments folder.
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