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CloudDeakin Enhancements

The new unit Home page (from T1 2016) has refined navigation and introduced some new tools to improve student engagement. The new look and feel of the Home page of unit sites aligns with the Deakin Public Website project and DeakinSync. The changes include:

  1. Colour and icons
    • Minibar in teal colour
    • Headers in blue colour
    • New folder icon in Resources widget
    • New collapse and expand icons
  2. Link back to DeakinSync on minibar
  3. Navbar
    • Discussions added to navigational bar for easier access
    • My Tools menu item has links to DeakinAir, Locker and UserProgress
    • More menu item has links to Classlist, Groups and Media Gallery
  4. Video Post widget enables Unit Chair to display videos from their DeakinAir account. The video post could be used for welcome videos, quick announcements, relevant industry videos or events of interest to students.
  5. Student help widget allows easy access to important links.
  6. My Toolkit widget allows teaching staff to access important tools and features, as well as resources for understanding how these can be used to enhance student learning.
  7. Unit Staff widget helps to improve communication between staff and students, and develop a more personalised experience for students by knowing who their relevant lecturers or Unit Chairs are on different campuses.
CloudDeakin Enhancments
New Unit Site Home Page
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