About CloudDeakin

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CloudDeakin is Deakin University's cloud learning environment.

It incorporates a range of spaces and tools to enable interactive and engaging learning:

  • An ePortfolio where students can collect, reflect on and share evidence of their learning achievements with others within and beyond Deakin
  • A home page which leads students to their unit sites
  • Within each unit site, there is a range of tools available to students:
    • Access audio and video resources including Deakin Video recordings
    • Collaborate: Talk and chat with individuals or groups
    • Check the academic integrity of their assignments

Students can use a range of tools within CloudDeakin:

  • Access units and courses including assessment items using tools such  as discussions, quizzes and the ability to submit assignments online
  • Curate and present their learning achievements (using the CloudDeakin ePortfolio)
  • View all readings in a contained list within the Content tool
  • Engage with Unit Chairs, Tutors and other students in a virtual classrooms (using Zoom)
  • Join live streaming events, listen and watch recorded recordings from desktop or via a tablet or mobile device (using Deakin Video)
  • Create and manage blogs and wikis (using WordPress)
  • Manage personal academic integrity (using Turnitin)
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