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Attending your ceremony

Everything you’ll need to know about attending your ceremony – what to do, what to wear, where to go and what you can expect.

Attending your ceremony

Download a complete guide to your upcoming graduation ceremony at Costa Hall, Waterfront Campus – Geelong.


When to arrive

To allow for pre-ceremony registration, regalia fittings and photographs, we ask graduates to arrive at least two hours before their graduation ceremony.

If you’re running late, please call us on 03 9244 6333 to let us know. If you don’t arrive in time, you won’t be allowed to take part in the ceremony.

Doors are open for guests to be seated 15 minutes before the ceremony commences.


Graduates need to bring along their student ID (or another form of legal identification) to the registration desk. Once you're registered, you'll be fitted for your regalia.

The registration desk will close 30 minutes before the ceremony begins and students may not be able to participate in the ceremony if they arrive less than 30 minutes before their ceremony is due to begin.

Last minute guest tickets

Every graduate receives two guest tickets (PhD students receive 4 guest tickets) as part of their graduation package. If you need to buy any extra tickets on the day, the venue’s box office sells unsold tickets for last-minute guests.

What to wear with your regalia

If you elect to attend your graduation ceremony, you will be required to wear the academic regalia which represents the course you are graduating from at that ceremony.

You should wear smart, neat or professional clothing as a minimum dress standard. Shorts, jeans, t-shirts, thongs, bare feet or joggers aren't considered appropriate.

The regalia is a little heavy, so make sure you take off suit jackets or any heavy layers before your robe fitting.

Academic dress

After registering, graduates will be fitted with the following regalia according to their award:

  • Gown
  • Coloured hood
  • Trencher or bonnet

Once the ceremony has finished, all academic dress will need to be returned to the registration area.

If the regalia is not returned within an hour of the ceremony finishing, you’ll be invoiced for the full cost of the outfit.

The style of the gown, colour of the hood and type of trencher or bonnet worn depends upon the award you have received. When attending a ceremony, the graduation fee includes the hire of your academic regalia.

Associate degree

Associate degree regalia

Bachelor degree

Bachelor degree regalia

Bachelor degree with honours

Bachelor degree with honours regalia


Diploma regalia

Graduate certificate

Graduate certificate regalia

Graduate diploma

Graduate diploma regalia

Masters degree

Master degree regalia

Masters degree with honours

Master degree with honours regalia

Master by Research

Master research regalia

Professional doctorate

Professional doctorate regalia

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor philosophy regalia

Official student listings

The official conferral student listing will be available to graduates and guests on the day of graduation. Please note that the listing is an official conferral listing of all students graduating in a graduation round, therefore, presentation students will not be included as they have previously been conferred.

June 2024 - Geelong Ceremonies (PDF, 3.9MB)

February 2024 - Geelong Ceremonies, March 2024 - Warrnambool Ceremonies (PDF, 5.2MB)

October 2023 - Geelong Ceremonies (PDF, 4.1MB)


On the day, graduates need to be sitting in their assigned seats at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

Guests can sit wherever they like as their seating isn't assigned. As a guest, if you’re bringing along a child who is under the age of three, they can sit on your lap.

Learn more about special assistance for you or your guests

Order of ceremony proceedings

  • Executive Dean opens the ceremony.
  • Guest speaker addresses the graduates.
  • Official conferral of awards.
  • Chancellor (or representative) presents graduates with their testamurs (graduation documents).
  • Student responds on behalf of all graduates.
  • Vice-Chancellor delivers the closing address.
  • Musical guest performance.
  • Conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Post-ceremony function.
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