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Intermit your course

It’s understandable that life sometimes gets in the way of study, and you need to take a break. We support you to take time when you need it so that you can return to your study when you’re ready.

Intermit your course

What intermit means

When you intermit, you are taking a break from your studies while holding your place in your course.

How long you can intermit

You are allowed three active trimesters or two active semesters of intermission during your studies. By ‘active’ we mean a study period in which you are required to be enrolled as part of your course plan.

If you’re thinking about intermitting, a student adviser can help you understand the rules and advise the best path for you.

Should you need to intermit for a longer period, you will need to apply for further intermission.

If your application for standard intermission was submitted prior to census date, and is not granted due to maximum period taken, you will be advised by Student Central to apply for further intermission. Please ensure that you do so within 5 business days to avoid incurring academic or financial penalties for late withdrawal.

Are you an international student studying in Australia?

As your visa requires you to be studying while in Australia, international student intermission will only be granted on compelling or compassionate grounds.

Get advice

Before you make any decision, it’s best to get expert advice. We encourage you to speak with a student adviser at Student Central before you make any firm decisions.

Check withdrawal dates, fees and penalties

When you intermit you withdraw from each unit you are enrolled in. Ensure you withdraw before census date to avoid paying any unexpected fees and avoid the unit appearing on your academic transcript.

View domestic student withdrawal dates.

View international student withdrawal dates.

View first year international student withdrawal dates.

If you commenced study after 1 January 2022, withdrawing after census date may also impact your Government assistance.

Apply to intermit

If you’ve decided to intermit, apply in StudentConnect. You’ll be notified of the outcome by email, but please allow up to ten days for your application to be processed.

Returning early or cancelling your intermission

After you've applied to intermit, you may wish to alter the length of your intermission period. You can now apply to end your intermission early (if it has already commenced and you'd like to come back in an earlier teaching period), or cancel your intermission (if it hasn't started yet) through Student Connect.

Access our free support services

We offer a range of free services that may assist you to continue with your study.

Need help?

Our student advisers are here to help you with course advice, enrolment and general enquiries.