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Printing on campus

Printing on campus

To use the on-campus printers at Deakin with your devices, you will need to install PaperCut Mobility Print. PaperCut is available to download from the Deakin Software Library.

Once you’ve installed PaperCut on your device, you can print to any on-campus printer.

Find your nearest on-campus printer

If you’re having issues with printing, scanning or copying, you can view FAQs and get help on the Print@Deakin support webpage.

View the Print@Deakin support page

Each month, your printing credit balance will automatically reset to $100. These credits will not carry over or accumulate from month to month. You’ll receive an email to warn you when you’re approaching your monthly limit.

To align with Deakin’s sustainability goals, we encourage you to:

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