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Course transfer

If you want to change your enrolment to a new course, campus or mode, apply for a course transfer

Course transfer

Who can apply?

Any student who is currently enrolled in an award course can apply to transfer.

You must re-enrol in your existing course by the re-enrolment deadline if your course/campus transfer application has not been processed. By re-enrolling you avoid the late re-enrolment fee. Please refer to your faculty-specific course transfer rules when applying.

When to apply for a course transfer

You should apply for a course transfer when:

  • changing courses
  • changing mode (between online and campus)
  • changing campus (from one campus to another).

Seek advice before you apply

Before applying for a course transfer, make sure you've considered all your options and that it’s the right way forward for you. Consider the following information.

  • Limits on transferring between the same courses more than once. If you feel as though you may want to return back to your current course after transferring out, a course transfer is not recommended as there are limitations on being able to transfer back should you wish to finish this course.
  • Taking longer to complete your degree. If approved, a course transfer may increase the time it takes to complete your degree as all the units you've completed so far may not count towards your new course.
  • Changes to the fees you pay. You should be aware that your fees may change if you transfer courses. Domestic Commonwealth supported students will no longer be on the 'grandfathered' student contribution rates as you will be considered 'commencing' in your new course. For commencing Commonwealth supported students, some fees have increased as the result of the Government Job-ready Graduates package.
  • Selection process. Selection for course transfers is based on availability of places and academic performance.
  • Visa implications. If you are an international student you should consider how a course transfer may affect your visa status.

We suggest you talk through your options with a student adviser at Student Central.

How to apply

Applications for Trimester 2 2023 are now closed. Applications for Trimester 3 2023 and Trimester 1 2024 open in August, as per the dates listed below under 'When to apply'.

Complete the Course/Campus Transfer application form.

Submission of the application does not guarantee a course transfer. Selection is based on the availability of places and academic performance.

All domestic students and onshore international students are required to include their Unique Student Identifier (USI) on their course transfer application. Need a USI? Apply for a USI.

When to apply

Applications for course transfers - opening and closing dates
Trimester Applications open Applications close:
International students
Applications close:
Domestic students
Trimester 2 2023 22 March 2023 23 June 2023* 30 June 2023*
Trimester 3 2023 2 August 2023 26 October 2023* 31 October 2023*
Trimester 1 2024 16 August 2023 30 November 2023* 5 December 2023*

* Applications are assessed against published requirements as outlined above and are not prioritised based on submission. If you miss the application deadline and have extenuating circumstances, please contact Student Central to query if a late application can be made.

Outcome of your application

You will be notified about the outcome of your application via your Deakin email. If unsuccessful, please discuss your options with a Student Adviser.

Processing of your Course Transfer Enrolment form

When processed your course change will be seen in StudentConnect.

If you have changed course codes as a result of your course transfer and have a fee arrangement of

  • Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or
  • Australian Fee Paying

and wish to defer your fees to FEE-HELP then you must complete the online Commonwealth Assistance Form (ecaf) again via StudentConnect. You will need to complete the SA-HELP form again should you wish to defer this fee to your HELP loan.

If you are studying in the current trimester, your course transfer won't be processed until results have been released.

Have a question about the progress of your application? Contact a student adviser at Student Central.

Need help?

Our student advisers are here to help you with course advice, enrolment and general enquiries.