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Time management

Time management

One of the keys to study success is good time management.

When you commence a new course of study, it can be hard to know how to structure the days, weeks and months, and how much time you will need to put aside to get everything done. But it can be as simple as taking some time to plan your routine.

We recommend you spend 10 hours per week for each unit you’re studying. This means your weekly schedule can fill up quickly, especially when you’re balancing your studies with work, social and family commitments, as well as time to relax.

Our trimester and weekly planners are two helpful templates you can use to plan your studies. You can print them both out and stick them on the wall near your study space.

  • The Trimester Planner is an at-a-glance calendar which includes all of Deakin’s important dates. Write in your assessment and exam dates so you can see approaching deadlines and periods of increased workload.
  • The Weekly Planner can be used to plan your week. Write in your classes, your other commitments like work, exercise, family time and social events, and then block out time for study.

There’s also a digital option – our study workload planner is a colourful, interactive version that you can use to allocate time for different activities. We also have an assessment planner to help you plan your assessments.

By planning your life and allocating set times for your studies, you’ll increase your productivity, study more effectively and get closer to achieving your study goals. For more tips, visit Organising your studies

Add your university calendar to your Deakin email

You can quickly and easily add all the important dates related to your course and stay up-to-date with the milestones that affect your studies.


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