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Intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) represents the property of your mind or intellect: your knowledge, creations and discoveries.

IP can take many forms such as reports, publications, patents, confidential information or trade secrets, know-how and trademarks.

View more information on intellectual property.

Intellectual property rights are protected worldwide through legislation and common law but these laws vary from country to country. Deakin University has policies and procedures which govern how the University will manage intellectual property.

Deakin’s intellectual property policy provides that students own all intellectual property in the works they create except in cases where there is a collaborative arrangement, or an agreement that provides to the contrary.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should seek advice from Deakin Research Innovations.

  • Is the scholarship or research budget being funded by a third party e.g. a private company?
  • Is the research likely to result in a patentable invention, e.g. a new drug, an algorithm, a new material?
  • Do we need access to and permission to use third party intellectual property?
  • Did the research question originate from the supervisor?
  • Have others contributed to the research idea?
  • Are you a student who is employed by an organisation which has an interest in the research?
  • Do you have any personal commercial interest in the outcomes of the research?
  • Are you concerned about existing research (prior art) and whether you have freedom to operate in the intellectual space?
  • Will your thesis contain confidential information of another party?

Deakin Research Innovations can provide you with advice and information relating to all aspects of IP. They have developed a fact sheet containing useful information about intellectual property (PDF, 313.8KB).

The Intellectual property policy (PDF, 243.4KB) documents how IP developed at Deakin is managed and applies to all staff, students and Honorary staff of Deakin University.

Students are encouraged to seek independent legal advice prior to entering into any agreement.

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