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Your rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities

Deakin's values are central to our University’s culture. We aspire to be brave, dynamic, sustainable, ethical, excellent and inclusive. Our staff and students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to uphold our culture.

When you accept your offer and enrol in your course at Deakin, you agree through the terms and conditions of enrolment to comply with our legislation, policies and procedures.

This means you must understand your rights and responsibilities, uphold our values and demonstrate the core behaviours of cooperation, honesty and integrity. It’s important you are familiar with our Student Code of Conduct and our culture of respect.

The Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct outlines what’s expected of you, both in terms of your academic work and the way you treat other people and their property. The outcomes for breaching our expected standards of behaviour can be very serious, up to and including expulsion.

We encourage you to read the Student Code of Conduct so you understand the behaviours you must demonstrate. It also outlines how to deal with or report behaviour you might witness or experience from others, such as language that is disrespectful, that doesn’t adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Read the Student Code of Conduct

If you witness or experience any behaviour that is not aligned with the Code of Conduct, you can have an informal conversation with the Student Conduct team before choosing to make a more formal report of student misconduct.

Our culture of respect

We are committed to ensuring that you experience a respectful, safe and inclusive learning environment at Deakin – regardless of who you are and how and where you’re studying.

We welcome everyone to Deakin: we recognise and value the rich diversity of our students, including members of our community from different cultures and backgrounds, with different religious beliefs, and who are LGBTIQ+ or questioning their gender or sexuality.

We trust you to demonstrate respectful behaviour on campus, online and out in the world. By displaying Deakin’s values in your everyday life, you are contributing to our culture of integrity.

One way you can contribute to this positive culture is to do our Respect at Deakin module. This module provides you with useful information that will help you as you navigate your personal and professional relationships at Deakin and in your future career. It explores:

  • what ‘respect’ actually means in our everyday lives
  • what diversity looks like in our community
  • why gender equality is important
  • what a healthy relationship is
  • the importance of consent in our intimate relationships.

You’ll also find some practical suggestions of what you could do if you see someone being disrespectful or abusive towards another person. You can find the module in the unit sites section of DeakinSync.

Access the Respect at Deakin module

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