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Build your academic skills

Build your academic skills

To succeed at your studies, it’s important to develop your academic skills. Academic skills are things like planning your work, conducting research, critical thinking, note taking, editing your work and referencing.

Your academic skills will allow you to achieve the requirements of your assessments. They’ll help you produce high-quality work and uphold academic integrity. Academic skills will naturally develop over the course of your degree, but you can also actively build them.

Our Academic Skills Guides are a series of articles that explain important aspects of your studies, such as essay writing, group work, communicating online and critical thinking. If you’re unsure where to start on an assignment (see essay writing, report writing and oral presentations) or you want to prepare for what’s ahead (see collaborating online, note-taking and organising your studies), these guides provide a fantastic foundation for the work you’re about to undertake.

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