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Respond to your offer

Respond to your offer

You have three options to respond to your offer: accept and enrol, defer, or decline.


To accept your offer and enrol, follow the instructions on the following pages and assemble the information you need before proceeding to StudentConnect.


If you need to, you can postpone starting your course at Deakin. This is called deferring – it allows you to keep your place at university for up to two years for domestic students, or one year for international students. If you intend to defer, you should not enrol in your course. Visit our deferral page to learn how to defer depending on your offer type.


If you need to decline your offer, reply to your offer email and state that you’d like to decline.

Multiple offers

If you’ve received multiple offers from Deakin, now is the time to decide which course you want to enrol in. You will only be permitted to study as a full-time student in one course, or potentially part-time in two courses (subject to approval). It is important that you choose which offer/s you’re going to accept, and defer or decline your other offers. Remember that if you accept and enrol in a course but then change your mind and take up a new offer (at Deakin or elsewhere), you need to withdraw from the first course so you don’t incur any fees for it.