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Student representatives

We want students to have a say in important University decisions. Becoming a student rep is a great way to share your ideas and make a positive contribution to Deakin’s teaching, learning and general business.

Student representatives

Deakin has various committees and boards that help the University to function effectively. These include the University Council, Academic Board and faculty boards.

Student ideas and perspectives are important, so we encourage you to get involved by becoming a student member. It’s a great way to contribute to our uni community, learn new skills and stand out to future employers.

As a student member, you may:

  • attend meetings and read the meeting papers on important University matters
  • contribute to University decision-making
  • represent student needs
  • help to create a more vibrant campus environment
  • undertake professional development
  • network with leaders from inside and outside the University
  • discuss strategic issues.

Student members are elected by students for a term of office of either one or two years. To be a student member you must:

  • be enrolled in the current academic year in a course leading to a degree or other award at Deakin
  • not be a full-time employee of the University
  • continue to be enrolled as a Deakin student for the term of the position.

University Council

The University Council is the governing body at Deakin. It sets the strategic direction and ensures that the appropriate plans are in place for Deakin to achieve its goals. There is one student position on the University Council and it is open to students at any level.

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Academic Board

The Academic Board monitors academic standards, quality, excellence and policy. There are three elected volunteer positions for students at undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research level.

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Faculty boards

Faculty boards play an essential role in academic governance and upholding the highest standards in teaching, learning and research. There are various elected volunteer positions for students at undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research level.

Contact your faculty for more information

Students as Partners

Students as Partners is a centrally run suite of programs that encourages reciprocal learning between students and staff. Students are encouraged to adopt a ‘co-creator’ role in their uni experience by participating in projects that genuinely make a difference to teaching, learning and service delivery.

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Deakin University Student Association

DUSA is an independent incorporated association run by students. It is not part of the University’s governance structure. DUSA’s organisational structure comprises a president and Student Council representatives, who are actively involved with the University on all matters that affect students.

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