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Advice for life after the PhD

Completing your doctorate is a major challenge and a very rewarding one. The future may hold many opportunities and challenges. Deakin provides a range of support and career services to help you as outlined below. The following book also provides very useful advice on life after the doctorate.

  Beyond Doctorates Downunder: Maximising the impact of your Doctorate from Australia and New Zealand

Author(s): Carey Denholm and Terry Evans

Publisher: ACER Press 2009

What now?

There are a number of places that you can go for support and opportunities for life after the PhD.

Jobs and career information is available including advice on getting experience and volunteering, interviews, finding jobs and preparing a job application.

You can also look for employment opportunities here at Deakin or more broadly through channels such as Seek, Indeed, CareerOne, UniJobs or Apply Direct.

You may also find it useful to talk to your supervisor about opportunities within your school or through research grant funding opportunities such as Fellowships.

As a Deakin Alumni you can join Deakin's alumni community and obtain access to a range of services and benefits such as webinars and podcasts, alumni library access or attend chapters that assist members to network with other alumni.

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