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Estimate your course and unit fees


  1. Select an option for each field, including your course commencement year (the year you incurred a debt and remained enrolled after a census date).
  2. Your selections should reflect the study options of your current enrolment (e.g. fee type and course).*
  3. Once you've estimated your fees, you can consult a student adviser to confirm the units you've selected can be taken under the nominated course.
  4. If you are searching for a single (non-award) unit, type and select 'single unit' from the course selection field. You can then select the units you intend to study from the 'unit fee' tab.

Interactive course fields

* Further explanation

  • The fees displayed do not reflect the entire cost of a course if it's completed over a number of years.
  • If you select an incompatible fee type and course combination, (e.g. full-fee postgraduate study with a bachelor degree), the fees may not be accurate.
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