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Cross-institutional study

Are you interested in applying for cross-institutional study? Here's what you need to know.

Cross-institutional study

Apply for cross-institutional study

If you are a continuing Deakin student you may apply to study units offered at another Australian tertiary institution and have them credited to your Deakin degree.

If you are a student from another institution, visit the cross-institutional study webpage.

Seek prior approval

You need to seek approval from the host institution. Enquire with them as early as possible to ensure you meet their application deadlines. Check for details such as fee arrangements.

You must also seek prior approval from the relevant faculty before applying to study units if you hope to receive credit towards your degree.

Restrictions to consider

Generally approval will only be given for cross-institutional study if the unit (or an equivalent) is not offered by Deakin. Each application is assessed individually. Online students generally cannot study units from another university in their first year of enrolment.

If you already have credit for prior learning

If you have entered your course with credit for prior learning you may find there are restrictions on the number of cross-institutional units you can study. Check with a student adviser from Student Central.

How to apply

You will need to submit a cross-institutional enrolment form, which is available from Student Central along with all relevant documents. You may apply for units in more than one trimester on the application form.

If you apply for only one trimester and subsequently want to take additional units, you need to submit a new application form for the additional units.

If you wish to study at more than one institution you need to complete a form for each institution. Include a copy of the unit syllabus (handbook entry) you wish to study. Complete the cross-institutional enrolment form with a student adviser.

You should be aware that approval from Deakin to study a cross-institutional unit does not guarantee a place at your desired host institution.

Application closing dates

Each institution has a different closing date for applications.  Check for these dates as early as possible to avoid missing a place.

You must also submit your Deakin cross-institutional enrolment form by the ‘Last day to add a unit’ for that study period. Check the important dates for your study period.

Fee arrangements

Due to limited availability in some units, you may not receive the same fee type at the host institution as you do at Deakin.

Generally you need to provide evidence of your current funding arrangements with Deakin. You can produce your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN) from within StudentConnect.

If eligible you must complete a new Commonwealth Assistance Form with the external institution so you can receive HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP.  Your Deakin arrangements will not be transferred to another institution.

Withdrawing from a unit

If you wish to withdraw from a cross-institutional unit you must:

  • withdraw from the unit by completing an enrolment variation form (PDF, 243.1KB)
  • inform the host institution that you are withdrawing from the unit. This must be done according to their deadlines using their process.

Failure to notify both Deakin and the host institution according to each of their deadlines may result in a financial liability.

Providing your results to Deakin

Results from cross-institutional enrolment at other institutions will be recorded on Deakin’s academic records as EP (External Institution Pass) or EN (External Institution Fail).

To appear on your record, results must be submitted by the Handbook required deadline..

Once you receive your results, you can submit them to Student Central by one of the following.

  • Drop into a Student Central hub on campus with your original transcript.
  • Post the original transcript or a certified copy of the transcript to Student Central.
  • Forward your results via My eQuals (ensuring it is digitally certified with the blue banner at the top of the pdf).

We do not accept scanned copies via email. You will need to complete a statutory declaration and have it certified by a Justice of the Peace.

Fill in and download a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration

Find a Justice of the Peace

Failure to provide your results in time may result in a fail grade and have graduation implications.

Undertaking your final unit through cross-institutional study and graduating

If  you undertake your final unit of study cross institutionally, your graduation may be delayed due to conflicting results release dates from external universities. If you proceed with the cross-institutional enrolment you are acknowledging you may need to attend a later graduation ceremony.

Need help?

Our student advisers are here to help you with course advice, enrolment and general enquiries.