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Reading lists and textbooks

Reading lists and textbooks

For each unit you are studying, you will have a reading list. The reading list includes compulsory and recommended reading resources, including books, book chapters, journal articles, websites and media. You may also have a prescribed textbook.

You will find your reading list and prescribed textbook information in your unit site on DeakinSync during OWeek.

Accessing your reading list and textbook from the Library

You can access your reading list on the Library website: simply enter your unit code in the search bar to see your readings for a unit.

You can also use the Get Textbooks page to find out which textbooks are prescribed and/or recommended for a unit and then borrow them from the Library.

Buying textbooks

If you can't borrow your textbook from the Library or would prefer to purchase your own copy, you can buy your textbooks online. Deakin does not sell textbooks directly: you can purchase them online in both print and e-book format from either the publisher or a book e-retailer. Remember to check you have the correct edition listed for your unit.

You can often buy second-hand textbooks at a discounted price, but you should always be careful of any potential scams when not buying from official sources.

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