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IT Help

Assist you in connecting to a printer, setting up your email, organising a videoconference or audiovisual system, or just setting up some digital storage.


We offer innovative services, resources and spaces that align with your learning, teaching and research needs.

Student Central

Student Central provides you with face to face, email and phone assistance for services at Deakin University.


CloudDeakin is Deakin University’s cloud learning environment. Check out our guides, help, browser settings and student help.

Statutory Declarations and Affidavits

Information about Statutory Declarations.

Evaluations and Surveys

Timely and reporting of data collected through internal and external surveys.

A-Z Index


Emergency and crisis information

What to do and who to call in an emergency: fire, first aid, chemical hazards, minor emergencies, dangerous people, information for staff and information about our support services.

OccupationalHealth & Safety

OH&S information creating a safe work environment, maintaining health and wellbeing and workcover information.

Deakin University Policy Library

Here you will find the University's approved policies and procedures.


Deakin has free and confidential psychological support for our students. Our counsellors are all highly skilled psychologists and social workers. We also have a number of Topics to Explore with online information on a number of student life related areas like stress, uni life, general health, alcohol and drugs, travel health and healthy relationships.

Disability Support

Staff information for giving the best disability support to students: 10 things staff need to know about disability services; helping other staff with disabilities or injuries; inclusive teaching and learning practices and Learning Access Plans (LAP).

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