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PebblePad is an eportfolio platform that supports you to collate and curate evidence of your learning and achievement throughout your course.

Why use PebblePad?

You can use PebblePad to demonstrate your learning and capabilities, set learning goals and track your progress towards them, and reflect on your learning journey. You might use PebblePad for assessment tasks within some of your units but you can also use it outside of the curriculum to build a professional portfolio that you can share with others, including future employers. You will maintain access to PebblePad following graduation, with an alumni account, so you can continue to build your portfolio throughout your career.

For more information about PebblePad and illustrated step-by-step instructions, check out our PebblePad Student Guide.

Accessing PebblePad

If you are using PebblePad within one of your units, you can access this through the Pebble+ link within your unit site. You can also log into PebblePad directly using your Deakin username and password.

PebblePad is designed to work in one browser and on one device at a time.

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