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Activate your Deakin account

Activate your Deakin account

To accept and enrol, you need to activate your Deakin student account. You can activate your account online quickly and easily.

Your Deakin account will give you access to the systems you’ll need as a student, such as StudentConnect, campus wi-fi and your learning portal DeakinSync, which houses your unit sites.

When you activate your account, you’ll be given a Deakin username, which starts with ‘S’ for student, followed by a number – for example, S00001234. Your username will also become your Deakin email address – for example, S00001234@deakin.edu.au.

If you already have a Deakin account but you can't login, you can get help with locating your username and/or resetting your password.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a special security measure that you can add to your online accounts. Instead of just using a password, it requires you to input a combination of security information to prevent unauthorised access.  All Deakin student accounts must have MFA applied to them within 30 days of activation – Deakin uses the DUO mobile app.

You may be prompted to install MFA on your devices for your Deakin account when you create it. You can read this article for help installing the DUO mobile app.

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