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eVALUate: You said, we did

Acting on your feedback.

The eVALUate survey for Trimester 1 2024 is open from Monday 20th May to Sunday 23rd June 2024.

Please take the survey and tell us what you think. We'll listen.

Complete the survey

Your feedback in the eVALUate survey can have a significant impact on the units you have studied. Every trimester, the teaching team in each unit reviews the overall results on the survey questions and your comments on the units and the teachers.

eVALUate Unit Summary Reports

These reports are made available in the context of the provision of relevant information to students (prospective and current). More detailed analysis of eVALUate results (including teacher evaluations and qualitative comments) is undertaken internally as part of Deakin's commitment to continuous quality improvement. Monitoring and actions are the responsibility of Faculties and/or Schools who 'own' the relevant unit/s.

For further information about evaluations reporting or analysis, please contact dusurvey@deakin.edu.au

Get in touch

Contact us for further information about evaluations reporting or analysis.