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Enrol for the first time

Enrol for the first time

Once you’ve gathered the required information and planned your enrolment, it’s time to accept your course offer and officially enrol at Deakin.

We’ve outlined the steps below – working through them should take you about 30 minutes.

Before you start

Make sure you have the following items ready before you start:

  • The Handbook entry and course map for your course, along with your specific unit selections and their course codes for your first year of study.
  • Your Tax File Number (TFN) if you are a domestic student and intend to access any Government HELP loans for your fees.
  • Your Unique Student Identifier (USI).


All Deakin students complete the accept and enrol process in StudentConnect. StudentConnect is an online system that manages your personal and enrolment details. During your study, it’s where you can change your enrolment by adding or withdrawing from units, check and pay your fees, and view your exam timetable and results. Once you’ve enrolled, you can access StudentConnect from DeakinSync.

TIP: The steps to accept and enrol in StudentConnect will be slightly different depending on the type of student you are and the course you’re enrolling in. It’s important that you complete all of the steps outlined below and to confirm your enrolment. You will receive a receipt number at the end of the process to confirm your enrolment is complete.

Click on the button to open StudentConnect and then use the step-by-step guide below to help you.

Accept and enrol now in StudentConnect

Step-by-step guide

Log in
  • Log in to Student Connect using your Deakin username and password. Ensure your browser has pop-ups enabled as they are required to complete the enrolment process.
  • Click on ‘enrol in your course or unit’.
Terms and conditions
  • Click ‘begin enrolment’ beside the course you wish to enrol in.
  • Click ‘consent and accept’ to the terms and conditions of your enrolment at Deakin.
Contact details and government requirements
  • Check your course/campus/mode, contact details (name, address, emergency contact etc.) and update if necessary.
  • Complete the government statistics questions.
  • Verify your USI.
  • Complete the Commonwealth assistance form and input your TFN (if necessary, domestic students only).
  • Complete the SA-HELP form (if necessary, domestic students only).
Major, minor or specialisations
  • Add a unit set using the ‘add a major, minor or specialisation’ button and searching for your unit set if you already know it. This step isn’t mandatory and is only applicable to some courses.
  • Add units using the ‘add units’ button and searching for your units. Add all of the units for your entire first year of study, one after the other. Make sure to select the correct campus and study period. Don’t forget you can return and change/amend your unit selections.
  • Click ‘finish enrolling’ to confirm your enrolment and receive your receipt. Each unit status will change to ‘enrolled’.

Need enrolment assistance

For course and enrolment advice and assistance you book an appointment online or face-to-face.