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Preparing to graduate

Graduation is getting closer! Here you will find information on how to prepare yourself to graduate.

Preparing to graduate

Travel and accommodation

Our graduation ceremonies are held in Geelong and Warrnambool. Both locations are accessible by public and private transport and have short-term accommodation options.

Learn more about travel and accommodation at our locations

Indigenous graduates

Every graduation ceremony includes an acknowledgement of the traditional land owners where the ceremony is taking place.

Indigenous graduates will be offered Indigenous regalia stoles to wear with their academic regalia on the day of the ceremony. In ceremonies where an Indigenous student is graduating, the stage party which comprises of senior University staff will also wear the Indigenous stole as a sign of respect.


You will be notified by email if your faculty has deemed you ineligible to graduate. If you have any queries regarding your eligibility to graduate, please contact a student adviser in Student Central.

Changing your name for graduation

If you need to change your name for your testamur (certificate) or other graduation documents, please email enrolments with your supporting documents, student number and date of birth. This must be submitted five weeks prior to your ceremony date. Please also email our graduations team to advise your change of name.

Supporting document examples

  • Birth certificate with change of name details.
  • Citizenship certificate with change of name details.
  • Change of name certificate.
  • Deed poll document.
  • Marriage or registered relationship certificate (issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, not commemorative certificate).
  • Divorce decree/revocation of registered relationship or death certificate of spouse or adult partner of a registered relationship.
  • Court order directing child's change of name.

Special assistance for you or your guests

As a graduate, you can request any special assistance required when registering via StudentConnect.

As a guest, if you contact us before the ceremony date, we'll arrange for special assistance or access.

On the day, if either graduate or guest needs to bring along a carer, we'll provide them with a ticket at no cost.

Please email us to arrange assistance.

Alternative exits

Students who are considering applying for an alternative exit from their course (early exit) need to speak with a student adviser. An alternative exit provides an opportunity for students to exit with an award of a lower level where one is available and where the student has met the requirements for that alternative award.

Graduating with a distinction

The ability to graduate with a distinction can vary depending on the type of degree you've undertaken and your weighted average mark (WAM).

Unfortunately, a high distinction only applies at the unit level, not course level, so achieving a WAM of over 80 doesn't mean you will graduate with a high distinction.

Degree type Can I graduate with a distinction?Explanation
Bachelor Yes If you complete a bachelor's degree without an honours component, you may be eligible to graduate with a distinction, provided your WAM is over 70. For double degrees, you may be eligible for a distinction for one or both of your degrees. Your WAM is calculated for each degree separately, not as an overall cumulative mark.
Bachelor with honours Not applicable Graduating with a distinction only applies to undergraduate (bachelor) degrees, but you may still be eligible to graduate with honours.
Postgraduate degrees (graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters and higher degree by research) Not applicable Graduating with a distinction only applies to undergraduate (bachelor) degrees.
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