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Discontinue your course

Discontinuing from your course of study means that you are withdrawing. We encourage you to access our free support services before you make a final decision.

Discontinue your course

What it means to discontinue

When you discontinue your course you are withdrawing from any units you are enrolled in and you will cease to be a student in that course.

Before your discontinue

Consider taking a short break

Rather than discontinue your course, you may like to intermit (consider taking a short break) and return to your course when you are ready to study again.

Get advice

Before you make any decision, it’s best to get expert advice. We encourage you to speak with a student adviser at Student Central before you make any firm decisions.

International students

It’s important that you are aware of your visa conditions. To comply with, and retain your visa, you must be studying a registered course in Australia.

Read more about discontinuing your course and how it affects your visa.

Make your decision before census date

When you discontinue your course you will lose your Deakin email and IT access so, make sure you copy anything you need from your Deakin IT account before discontinuing.

If you decide to discontinue your course it's best to do it before any upcoming census date to avoid paying unexpected fees, and to avoid any units appearing on your academic transcript. Check the withdrawal dates that apply to you.

View domestic student withdrawal dates.

View international student withdrawal dates.

View first year international student withdrawal dates.

Apply to discontinue your course

If you've decided to discontinue your course, apply in StudentConnect. You'll be notified of the outcome by email, but please allow up to ten days for your application to be processed.

Access our free support services

We offer a range of free services that may assist you to continue with your study.

Need help?

Our student advisers are here to help you with course advice, enrolment and general enquiries.