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Student appeals

As a Deakin student, you are entitled to appeal certain faculty or University decisions that impact your studies.


Student appeals

The University Appeals Committee (UAC) is a standing committee of the Academic Board and was established to hear and determine appeals by students against faculty and other University decisions.

The Committee hears and determines appeals against decisions of Faculty Academic Integrity Committees, Faculty Academic Progress Committees, the Student Misconduct Committee, the Higher Degrees by Research Academic Progress Committee and the Thesis Examination Committee about:

  • academic progress
  • applications for re-admission after exclusion
  • breaches of academic and research integrity
  • student misconduct (i.e. breach of Student Code of Conduct).

Students may lodge appeals with the UAC in accordance with the following regulations:

Grounds for appeal are:

  • a misapplication of process occurred that resulted in material disadvantage to you
  • that the decision was manifestly wrong
  • the outcome imposed by the original decision maker was manifestly excessive, inappropriate or not available in the circumstances and/or
  • new evidence that was not known or available at the time of the original decision is now available and could have affected the outcome of the decision.

For further information, you may like to review the Student Rights and Responsibilities and Student Appeals Procedure.

If you need additional help, the following people may assist:


If you have any questions please email us.