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Managing your money

Managing your money

Starting university comes with many costs, some obvious and others more hidden. Beyond your actual fees, you need to consider living expenses, books, transport, technology and food. You may also have to prepare financially for a placement. Careful budget planning is important.

Here are some resources we recommend to help you budget and save on study-related costs:

  • The MoneySmart website has advice for students on managing money including a handy budget planner. There are many other resources for budget-creation, including a range of apps and programs, a book like The Barefoot Investor or a simple Excel spreadsheet.
  • If you need to purchase a computer, WorkVentures sells refurbished PCs donated by government and large businesses for discounted prices.
  • You’re eligible for lots of discounts as a student. Always carry your Deakin Card so you can ask about and receive any available student discounts. You can get discounts on Apple products in the Apple Education Store. You’ll also be eligible to receive discounts on public transport, on movie and event tickets, and it may allow you to obtain a government-issued Health Care Card.
  • There are many services available to you for free at Deakin that normally cost money, such as visiting the doctor, getting help with your writing or maths, and obtaining legal advice.
  • As a student you are also eligible for public transport discounts. Domestic students can access the Public Transport Victoria student concession form in StudentConnect. International students are eligible for an International Student Travel Pass (ISTPass).

Apply for financial assistance

If you're struggling with your finances, we offer a range of financial assistance, referrals to external agencies, and assistance with planning a budget. You can also book an appointment with a DUSA financial counsellor to discuss your personal financial situation.

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