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How to plan your course

Putting time into planning your units and course will make enrolling easier. View how your course is structured and the information that will help you plan.

How to plan your course

Find your course entry in the University Handbook

The University Handbook is the official source of information on your course and each unit that we are offering in a particular year.

  • Generally, you need to follow the course rules in the Handbook for the year you commenced your course.
  • Look up your course. All courses require you to complete a fixed number of credit points.
  • There may be compulsory core units, or you may need to choose units as electives or majors.
  • Become familiar with your course rules and requirements. Make sure you refer back to, and follow these course rules to ensure you can progress within your course.
  • When considering units to choose, check if there are prerequisite units that you need to study first.


Develop your course map

Course maps are a visual tool that can help you understand the structure and rules of your course. Most courses will also have a course map in the Handbook course entry.

The course map provides an overview of the units required to complete your course, the suggested sequence of unit level and study period and course rules.

Find your course map

What next?

Need help?

Our student advisers are here to help you with course advice, enrolment and general enquiries.