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Your health and wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing

You can only succeed at your studies if you are healthy physically and mentally. There will be stressful times in the weeks and months ahead, so it’s important to prioritise your health the same way you prioritise your studies. Be realistic about how much time you can spend studying, and remember that it’s important to set aside ‘me’ time to look after yourself and get some balance.

Some of the best (and proven!) ways to cope with stress are quite simple: moving your body, talking to people you trust about how you’re feeling, taking time away from the screen, sleeping well and spending time doing things you enjoy.

We have a range of free services available to help you achieve balance and look after yourself while you’re studying.

Medical services

Deakin Medical Centres are located on all campuses. You can book an appointment with a doctor or nurse for a range of health services. In-person and telehealth appointments are available.


We have experienced psychologists and social workers who offer confidential, short-term counselling for students. You’ll speak to your counsellor in-person, over the phone or via Zoom. It’s a safe, respectful and inclusive space for you to talk about your mental health. Make an appointment with a counsellor now.

If speaking one-on-one feels a bit daunting, visit Ask Counselling, an online resource which contains questions asked anonymously by Deakin students and answered by our counsellors. You can browse the questions by topics, such as depression, loneliness or family problems, or post your own question for a personalised reply.


You can also talk to one of Deakin’s multifaith chaplains. Our chaplains aren’t just for students who practise a religion: they’re here for anyone who needs support or personal advice. If you’ve got a problem and need someone to talk to, they’ll listen without judgement, and they can provide solace if you’re going through a tough time.


Sport plays a big part of life at Deakin. You can join one of our DeakinACTIVE gyms, get involved in social sport with DUSA or download the DeakinMOVES app to track your daily activity.


You can also download our free DeakinWELLBEING app, designed to boost your wellbeing. It will help you notice ways in which you can improve and develop healthy habits, coping skills and resilience through interactive, bite-sized activities and resources.

Health and wellbeing articles

A good place to start when considering how you can boost your mental and physical health is our database of health and wellbeing articles. It has information on a wide range of health-related topics and common challenges students deal with, as well as ways to cope. Explore some of the articles below.

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