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How to appeal your decision

It’s important that you follow the correct process to submit an appeal to the University Appeals Committee (UAC).

Grounds for appeal are:

  • a misapplication of process occurred that resulted in material disadvantage to you
  • that the decision was manifestly wrong
  • the outcome imposed by the original decision maker was manifestly excessive, inappropriate or not available in the circumstances and/or
  • new evidence that was not known or available at the time of the original decision is now available and could have affected the outcome of the decision.

Your appeal must be made through our online submission form. Remember you must include the required documentation so that consideration of your appeal is not delayed. It's important to know that your appeal must be made within 20 working days of being notified of the original decision. While we attempt to process all appeals in a timely manner, it may take several weeks for a case to be concluded.

We encourage you to seek assistance from the Deakin University Student Association (DUSA) advocacy service in preparing your appeal application. DUSA employs qualified and experienced advocates who can provide you with free, confidential advice about the appeal process including your possible grounds of appeal and what you could include in your appeal submission.

To submit your appeal, follow the steps below:

Late applications

An application to appeal is late if made after 20 working days from the original decision that you wish to appeal.

Late applications will only be accepted where you can provide supporting information that shows how exceptional circumstances prevented you from applying by the deadline.

To make a late application for appeal, you will need to:

  • complete and submit the appeal form. (Select 'Application for late appeal' from the drop-down menu.)
  • submit a written explanation of the circumstances for your late application for appeal
  • attach supporting documents for your late application for appeal.

If your appeal is not ready to submit at the same time as your late appeal application, please contact us at appeals@deakin.edu.au.

Submit an appeal

External Complaint Process

All student appeals are considered in accordance with the Student Appeals policy and procedure. If, after receiving a final University decision you remain dissatisfied, you can seek an external review of your appeal outcome by the Victorian Ombudsman.

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