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The information on this page applies only to students studying a unit in off-campus mode who are required to submit hard-copy assignments for assessment.

All assignments for units you are studying in on-campus mode should be directed to your Faculty for processing.

Your Unit Chair or supporting Faculty staff will inform you of the correct submission process for your on-campus assignments.

Assignment cover sheets

You must log in to StudentConnect to download your assignment cover sheets before submission. All off-campus assignments MUST be submitted with a barcoded cover sheet.

Each uniquely barcoded assignment cover sheet identifies you, your course, unit code, assignment number and due date.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the assignment cover sheet is attached to the correct assignment at the time you submit it to Deakin University for assessment. If not, the marking and return of your assignment may be delayed.

Submitting your assignment

Off-campus assignments should be mailed to:

Assignment Tracking,
Division of Student Administration,
Deakin University,
Locked Bag 20000
Geelong Victoria 3220.

Due dates

The due date of the assignment is the last day on which your assignment must reach the Assignment Tracking group within the Division of Student Administration.

Failure to comply with this requirement may affect the assessment process and your final result for the unit.

Assignments are stamped and registered with the date of their arrival at Assignment Tracking.

Late submission may incur a penalty in assessment.


If for any reason you cannot meet the specified due date, you are strongly advised to contact your Unit Chair or supporting Faculty staff to determine whether you have grounds for a possible extension on the date of submission.

It is recommended that you keep a record of the date, time and method by which approval has been granted.

When submitting a late assignment with the approval of academic staff after the due date, ensure that you clearly record the new approval date for submission of the assignment on the assignment cover sheet.

Monitoring the progress of your assignment

You are able to confirm the receipt and subsequent progress of your assignment in StudentConnect. Log in to StudentConnect and select 'Track your assignment'.

Assignment tracking steps

  1. Receipt of assignment from student
  2. Assignment sent to assessor
  3. Assignment received from assessor
  4. Assignment returned to student


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Phone 03 9246 8333

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